How to find your real passion in life and be successful
How to find your real passion in life and be successful

How to find your passion [3 Techniques]


There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela

There are many people who encounter this question in their later stage of life: How to find your passion? This question establishes one thing for sure that passion exists within you, because you can find something only if it exists. Also this question indicates that you can relax and calm down because if something exists, you can find it for sure.

What is passion and how is it different from your interests

There are very few lucky people in the world who find their passion in their early age, and there are even fewer people who actually pursue it and build their career around it.

A sad reality is that majority of the people never find it for their entire life and live an average life.

It would be very difficult for you in your old age to quantify, how successful and joyful you could have become, if you would have pursued your passion in your early age. If you are among the majority of people who could not identify their passion well in time, you would be shocked to know the magnitude of the damage, that you have caused to yourself by not finding out your real passion and not sticking to it.

Have you ever thought, what is that one activity in your life that gives you the true happiness without any guilt and that can occupy your complete attention and focus. Something that absorbs you completely and you are always at your 100% while doing it.  Something that is always fun for you and you can do it for free and can keep doing it for your entire life. Something that never makes you tired and even if you get tired doing it, you still feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Everybody is born with few interests. You must have seen a child who is interested in many activities without expectations of any outcome and he gets completely immersed into these activities without any kind of external instructions or pressure.

It all starts in your very early age by imitating others. It may be your family, friends, players, singers, dancers, scientists, actors or even cartoon characters. You become interested in many different people and activities and try doing these things by yourself. By and by you start selecting few interests as your primary once and gradually these interests get matured with growing age and start getting hold on your mind. You start gaining expertise in few activities.

Nearly by the age of 18 to 21 your few interests become prominent and start dominating other areas of interest. Still it is difficult to actually find out your real passion for life, you are still confused whether you like this or that. Very few people could actually find their passion at this age.

How is passion formed

If I have to define Passion, it would be this:

Passion is nothing but a grown up and matured single interest that has a capacity to keep you motivated by itself and can keep you completely occupied with it forever.

There are four factors that are responsible in the process of maturing your interests into a Passion in the early age, these are:

  1. External Motivation – is required in the beginning.
  2. Your initial success in that area of interest – encourages you to move further.
  3. Period of time that you have actually spent working on that interest – gives you confidence to continue.
  4. Your attitude – plays the major role in the formation of your passion.

After few more years you start dropping out most of your interests and get focused around two or three things out of which only one becomes your passion. It is developed inside you whether you know it or not consciously.

Now the question is: How can you realize your passion, if its still not clearly revealed to you?

How to find your Passion

Why people are unable to find their passion?

It’s bizarre that something which can change your life completely, which is already there inside and you still don’t know it for your whole life !!!

People who are driven by their impulsive nature, would find it harder to explore their passion, compared to people who are calm in nature.

First thing that you need to remember is you are destined to develop one of your interests into your passion.

This has been always a misconception that you need to be aggressive in order to succeed in life, its because success itself has been defined incorrectly for ages. Though the reality is quite different. Your aggression takes you to only ordinary things in life.

Being passionate and being aggressive are two different things.

Your aggressiveness will always keep you away from all noble things in this world, because the deeper the truth is the quieter it will be. Your aggression becomes the hurdle in knowing your subconscious mind which carries the deepest truths of your personality.

All great discoveries come from the womb of calmness and serenity. Similarly every valuable and profound secret of your subconscious is discovered in the deep silence and darkness of your mind.

Why only few people find their passion naturally

Let me explain this to you with an example:

You must have gone through this experience, late in the night when it was deep silence all around and you heard a honking of a train passing by from a very distant place. You would have even felt the sound of its wheels running on its tracks very clearly. There are several trains passing by on the same railway tracks every day but you never heard that sound in the day time when lot of other noises already existed.

Yet another phenomenon that explains this:

The stars in the sky are always there but you would never see them in the day light (except for the reason when somebody had beaten you very hard and showed you the stars in the day light).

In the presence of the strong sun rays, your eyes become incapable of viewing the beauty of sky with stars and similarly in the noises of the day time, your ears remain deaf for all the delicate sounds.

Similarly your consciousness can not see the deep and delicate signals coming from your subconscious mind when you stay aggressive and hyper-active with your responses to all the external drivers. You will keep missing that inner voice until you stop yourself and relax, keep yourself calm with almost infinite patience until you get that hidden thing revealed to you. If you have that level of patience then you are destined to find it sooner or later.

Do these 3 activities to find your passion

1. Travel

Travelling can help you to come close to yourself. But keep in mind don’t travel in hurry for the sake of travelling. Travelling has a great psychological effect on your mind it gives you new dimensions to think differently. Travelling to different places gives you different perspectives of existence around you. Travel and observe but do not analyse anything.

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2. Read

Reading is very effective in organizing your distracted mind. You feel a sudden jump in your ability to think after few hours of reading. Reading is the easiest way to gain knowledge. It helps you to learn from experiences of others. A book can be an absolute extract of someone’s entire life experience. You can’t experience everything in your life but a book can give you glimpses of those valuable experiences in an easy way.

3. Meditate

Nothing can change you as much as Meditation can.  It can help you to become calm and composed. It takes you to the deepest silence of mind. That unwavering silence will not just show you your passion for life but it will also reveal even deeper realities of your being. Passion is something deep rooted into our subconscious which needs a pathway to come out. Meditation helps it to come out from subconscious to conscious mind. Meditation brings that clarity in thoughts.

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Be assured if you try all these things you will find your true passion for life soon and once you find it, you already become successful. Exploration of your passion itself is a great success, there is no other success in life exists.

No excuses can compensate for the precious time that is already wasted without having a passion so far. People who do not pursue their passion are wasting their lives. You have only one chance in this life with the remaining time you are left with before your death.

So find out your passion and remain passionate about it for the rest of your life.

Grow higher, stay rooted..

Wish you all the best ..!!

Akhil Mantra

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  • Mukta Purohit says:

    I never read an atricle with such depth. It’s very convincing and logically it also proves that we all have hidden passion inside us and we must explore it to find a “meaning” for our lives.

  • Jyoti Goyal says:

    Akhilmantra…. Another Jewel from you …. I can so so so relate this to myself …. It’s true that if u don’t pursue your passion , you are wasting your life …. Loved the example u have presented . I really like your writing style .. wherein u explain basic things in simple language .. easy to understand and digest … And very practical too … No fancy vocab or higher philosophy which will leave u confused ..

    Keep it up … Eagerly waiting for your next amazing article….

    U r excellent …

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    Amazing akhilmantra
    Ur explanation is too good, we understand big topic to easily form…
    Ur MANTRA is support to my passion gaining … 🙂

  • Robert Stephen D'souza says:

    Silence is the true language of love ?

  • Shubham Sharma says:

    Thanks for this post, It was helpful for me as I was not known that what is my passion. After reading this I got to know that I have a passion inside me, that I do everyday.

  • Superb dear… Keep writing.

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