AkhilMantra Quotes

  1. If you want to grow higher, then nourish your roots and open up wide in the sky ..
  2. Nobody can steal something that truly belongs to you, find out what truly belongs to you. 
  3. Success and failure are like two sides of a coin, if you have seen failure you are bound to see success. Just keep moving..
  4. Richness is the quality of being wide open to share, don’t be selfish and become rich like nature..
  5. Transformation starts the very moment you realize your true potential..
  6. Two essential qualities of great intellect: (i) Attention to details and (ii) Simplifying complexities.
  7. All insecurities are born out of incompetence.
  8. Earn respect.. Begged, insisted or forced one are all fake.
  9. Two Signs of success: (i) FOCUS & (II) CONSTANT EFFORT 
  10. A leader is one who takes the toughest challenge first in hand which others would simply avoid.
  11. Aloneness is the mirror that reflects your true self.
  12. Be ready to change, as growth is nothing but a form of change.
  13. Biggest obstacle between you and your success is your inaction.
  14. Live for freedom and freedom will let you live. 
  15. You will launch only when you are on fire.
  16. An essential ingredient of success is “Sense of Urgency”.
  17. Always be curious like a child, curiosity is a sign of intellect.
  18. Success achieved with ease is a mirage, real success lies in continuous efforts.
  19. You can survive with fear but you grow only by concurring it. 
  20. Your only true friend and your biggest enemy is none other than “YOURSELF”.
  21. Only practice can take you to the highest degree of perfection. 
  22. Be careful from people who admire you on your face.. they are fake.
  23. Be BOLD and Express Yourself.. your individuality makes you Unique and Valuable. 
  24. Your ultimate Goal of life should be only Happiness as your overall success will be defined by it.
  25. Laugh Out Loud and sometimes Cry Hard, let the tears roll down, it will strengthen you immensely. 
  26. Use your talent to empower people around you or else its is a complete waste.
  27. Beware of three people while sharing your secrets – 1. Coward 2. Greedy 3. Fool, They are going to harm you the most.
  28. Find the Guru within.
  29. Don’t regret for the lost opportunity and see, next one is standing right in front of you.
  30. All great and passionate people people live in the minutest details & this quality makes them different.
  31. Your intellectual death starts the day when you stop learning.
  32. Confidence is awareness and over-confidence is ignorance: be aware – be confident. 
  33. Your success lies in your passion without fear. 
  34. Your survival and growth are proportional to your capacity to embrace the change. 
  35. Only your strong determination will handhold you till your victory. 
  36. Your passion is the key to happiness and success. 
  37. Intellect will always fall short, only your faith can connect you to the ultimate being. 
  38. Nothing makes you more realistic in life than your broken heart. 
  39. The most beautiful aspect of this world is: It has space for everything without discrimination. 
  40. Being emotional is not weakness, its the unique strength that makes us human. 
  41. Be humble and be positive as neither any success is permanent nor any failure. 
  42. If your motivational driver is convenience than you are destined to fall into a comfort zone. 
  43. Cost of not exploring your entrepreneurial skills will be paid by your slavery for the life time. 
  44. All external motivational drivers are bound to fade and vanish, only your inner inspiration will keep you moving. 
  45. The biggest risk in your life is: “Not taking any risk”.
  46. Only passionate people are changing the world from ages, rest all are just witnessing the change. 
  47. Opportunity always lies within a problem, people who can see will have the advantage. 
  48. Opportunity and time are not two different things, every moment is an opportunity if you can see. 
  49. Solutions to all our problems lie within our minds, we just need to connect to ourselves to find them. 
  50. Knowledge can be shared not wisdom, but shared knowledge can invoke wisdom. 
  51. Life is celebration not an obligation so stay with the people you love, live where you want to and do what gives you happiness, and there would be no regret at the end. 
  52. Indecision is also a form of decision which leads to undesired fate. 
  53. Your biggest strength is your uniqueness, don’t spoil it by comparing with others. 
  54. Growth is possible when you have clarity of: 1. Your exact current position & 2. Where you want to reach. 
  55. When you wake up, think about five great incidents happened in your life, and your day will be great for sure. 
  56. The biggest failure in life is failure to recognize your highest potential.