My name is Akhil.

I am a blogger and passionate about sharing my experiences, thoughts and views with people by this dynamic medium of my blog AkhilMantra.com.

I’m also an author and speaker .. but more of that shortly.


I was always fond of reading books since my childhood and enjoyed subjects like science-fiction, biographies of great leaders, scientists etc.

Back in the year 2000, I started serious studies of subjects from philosophy to human psychology and brain functions, from meditation to entrepreneurship and from technology to history. I got highly inspired to write for people who believe that motivation is required continuously – every day, every moment. This is a known fact that motivated people are more likely to work hard in the right direction and achieve excellence in their respective fields quickly, compared to people who are still not aware about their interests and are clueless about their goal.

I strongly believe that knowledge must be shared and your experiences can be extremely helpful for many people and can bring positive changes in their lives.

I am passionate to write for people and motivate them to strive and realize their highest potential which also helps me in my own journey of exploring and learning.

Through my blog www.AkhilMantra.com I am inspiring people to achieve their goals with happiness because the ultimate success lies in happiness.

Grow higher stay rooted ..

All the best ..!!