Why should you Meditate (Dhyan) regularly ?

Why should you Meditate (Dhyan) regularly ?

Meditation (Dhyan) has deep impact on brain and consciousness if you know how to do it correctly and you have got the neck of it. Regular practice of Meditation empowers your consciousness to have access to the deeper layers of your subconscious mind which most of the people are not even aware of. For the first time you will be able to clearly see how your subconscious mind has been controlling your mood and decision making. Also you start realizing that so far you were living in a sleeping mode and were living very superficial life.

This clarity would give you the power to control your emotions, decision making and overall behavior.

Brief History of Meditation (Dhyan)

The English word meditation is derived from the Latin word meditatio, from a verb meditari, means “to think, contemplate, devise and ponder”.

Dhyan was first experienced in the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago, even before Gautam the Buddha. Meditation has been practiced widely in India for mental peace and for even higher purpose that was to find out ‘who you are’. This question has always been throbbing human mind.

All the ancient civilizations which could develop themselves to the level where food and shelter were not a problem anymore, they started thinking about the higher purpose of life and the question – “why do we exist?“.

Indian sages have collectively spent thousands of years to find out the answer through Meditation (Dhyan). Meditation is one of the most revolutionary discoveries of mankind.

Meditation has its roots in India. If you visit the ancient temples and caves which were built during 600 to 2500 years ago in India, you will find that they are packed with hundreds of statutes of humans and deities postures of Meditation. This is a clear indication of the importance and respect for Meditation in that era.

Word Meditation does not depict the actual meaning of Dhyan. Dhyan is more than just focusing on an object. Most of the people have an assumption that Concentration and Dhyan are same.

If I have to define Dhyan (Meditation) in one line it would be –

“Observing your mind”. 

Benefits of meditation for modern souls

Meditation has several benefits that you can find over the internet however something that you must know about it is its benefits on your personality.

A mere 20 minutes regular practice of Meditation for few months can change you completely as a person. Your way of doing everything will change.

Modern researches have shown its effects on brain, however overall effects of Meditation on human psyche is yet to be understood by researchers.

Meditation (Dhyan) has been known to make you more tranquil and calm in any situation which gives you power to deal with situations arising in your day to day life.

Today when we are dealing with various smart devices and world is becoming more and more automated we are soon going to compete with artificial intelligence and we would need more intelligence for ourselves.

We have already started reducing the usage of our brains, our increasing dependency on these smart devices is going to increase further in future and that would not induce any intelligence in us. This trend will take us to the point where we would be only intelligent enough to use these devices to find out solutions.

To protect and improve your intelligence start Meditation today. Be assured that starting from only 20 minutes daily Meditation will start showing you its amazing results and effects on your intelligence in just few weeks.

Wish you all the best .. !!

Grow higher stay rooted..

Akhil Mantra

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