Inspiration Vs Motivation
Inspiration Vs Motivation

Inspiration Vs Motivation

Inspiration Vs Motivation
Inspiration Vs Motivation

What is Inspiration: 

Do you remember last time when you listened to your favorite leader, speaker, movie star, famous personality, your ideal businessman or a Guru? How did you feel after that discourse or speech?

You got tremendous clarity in your mind after that incident and all your doubts were gone. You were charged-up to change your life completely. You must have thought that you are deeply inspired. In fact it worked like a miracle on you for few days.

After a month, what did you see? You didn’t even remember most of what you heard that day and it all vanished from your mind completely. You don’t find even a flicker of that inspiration today.

Matter of fact is that it was not inspiration at all. It was mere motivation which worked for few days and then died. Motivation has a very short life span. Motivation is just a memoryof an incident in your mind that automatically fades away and looses it’s freshness with time. Even if that same incident happens once again, you won’t feel motivated the same way you felt in your first experience.

Motivation is like an addictive drug, you feel good for some time when you take it. After some time when you come out of it’s influence, you need it again.

Inspiration is a totally different phenomenon, it’s your inner element that keeps you self-motivated to achieve your goals. It’s a quality of yourown-being‘ which keeps reminding you, that something is missing within your current status. Once you are inspired, you no longer need any external motivation. Inspiration can be compared with flowering of a tree. It comes out from within like an over flowing energy.

Very few people actually get truly inspired in life. Most people remain confused between inspiration and motivation and they use these two words as synonyms. Inspiration is way more powerful than any motivation. Motivation is a temporary thing and is always caused by external factors whereas inspiration is a life long thing which is born out of your deep conscious.

Inspired people have few unique qualities. They believe in themselves and follow their inner instincts. They don’t need anyone to make them realize their ultimate goal. Once the inspiration is awaken within you, it keeps you moving towards the goal and then nothing can stop you ideally. It’s a state of self-sufficiency.

On the other side people who are not inspired, keep finding motivation externally. Though motivation is very important until you find your true inspiration but it does not stay with you for long. Motivation is like taking bath, no mater how good bath you take today you would need it again the very next day. There is a constant flow of dirt and dust of ‘distractions’ that keep spreading on your mind which makes your vision blurred. All distractions deviate you from your path towards the goal. Motivation works like a cleaner that removes the dust and makes the vision clearer, and in that clarity sometimes you may find your true inspiration as well.

Inspiration is like a fountain within you that keeps your vision always clean and clear.

Mindset of inspired people:  

You must have observed when Soccer ⚽ or Cricket World Cup?? is played, fans get so charged up during those days that they also start playing football or cricket in their nearby streets or playgrounds. They feel they are deeply inspired. Once the World Cup is over, all their flair to play disappears. It’s quite obvious that they were only motivated not inspired. On the other hand inspired players don’t wait to start, they always stay-on and are simply unstoppable because this deep desire to play is coming from within and not from any external sources.

Let me give you an example:  

While travelling back home from office if you realized that you have lost your house keys and no one is home, how restless you would be for the rest of your journey? You can’t realize that restlessness until you loose your keys.

People who are in search for motivation stay restless because their keys are missing. An inspired person is always in restful position because he has got all the keys to open the locks. ?

How to find your inspiration:

You can get inspired by many different things, but it totally depends upon your current position and the quality of your observations. Everyone reacts differently to a particular situation. Something that depresses you can be an immensely motivating thing for the other person. Something that’s a complete disaster for one person can be an opportunity for others.

You know, disputes or issues in a relationship are depressing and frustrating for most people, however you would agree that they are sheer opportunities from a lawyer’s point of view.

Similarly health related issues are real life challenges faced by people, but they become opportunities for doctors, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare industry.

In fact every problem creates multiple opportunities. You might think, if one fine day all problems get resolved, then what opportunities will be left behind. But the matter of fact is that every solution creates new set of problems.

Problems will never end, so do the opportunities. Old problems will be replaced by new once and that will create new opportunities.

Solution oriented and opportunist people get inspired quickly. An opportunist looks at a problem as an opportunity. To be an opportunist is a quality of your intellect. If your prime focus stays at problems and difficulties then you would need motivation again and again to find solutions. If you only see solutions then you are inspired automatically.

Motivation can help you in finding solutions but to stay motivated is a constant struggle.

All your struggles die once inspiration is evoked within you. 

If you are inspired, people around you can smell it, feel it in your strong presence. Your body language changes, your way of expression changes completely. Inspired people are contagious and their presence can supercharge others instantly.

Seven Signs of being inspired:  

1. You always have a plan in place.

2. You always stay in action mode.

3. You are feeling extremely confident within.

4. You are able to remove all your distractions with ease.

5. You can see your ultimate goal always in front of you, as if you have already achieved it.

6. Nothing can demotivate you.

7. You always bounce back after every failure.

Seven steps to find inspiration:

1. Stop doing whatever you did so far that did not give you a rich experience.

2. Change your mindset from an explainer to a seeker.

3. Shift your focus from troubles to the solutions.

4. Try to see the opportunity inside every problem.

5. Stay in action.

6. Meditate regularly.

7. Read a lot.

Follow the above seven fundamentals and you will see a drastic change in your personality that will sprout a deep inspiration within. Inspiration, that will make you independent and self sufficient to take decisions and to make bold moves in rest of your life.

Wish you all the best..!!


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  • Written so to read your articles. Speechless, you got amazing writing skills. Keep motivating people.. So that one day they can convert their motivation in to inspiration indeed.. ❤️

    • Thanks Prakriti for the wonderful comments, please keep reading my blog posts.

  • Jyoti Goyal says:

    “All your struggles die once inspiration is evoked within you. ” – this is a summary for me … Wonderfully written article that has charged up my morning … Your articles are a motivation to me .. please keep writing to evoke regular actions in life …

    Another gem of an article Akhilmantra …. Best part is that it is simple , easy to understand , logical and 100% agreeable … Keep up the good work

  • Very Sharp, Very clear , to-the-point……….

    I relate myself with these lines…….

    “People who are in search for motivation stay restless because their keys are missing. An inspired person is always in restful position because he has got all the keys to open the locks. ”

    …….. will definitely follow the steps to find my inspiration.

    Thanks a lot !

    • Thanks for your comments Nilesh.
      I wish you all the very best and hope that you find your inspiration soon.

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