Travel for your intellectual growth
Travel for your intellectual growth

Travel for your intellectual growth

Travel for your intellectual growth

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness”– Mark Twain

Travelling is deeply connected to your intellect. If you are asked about the best memories of your life, what would come to your mind first? Most people would strongly agree that their best memories of life belong to a time when they were at a place which was far away from their home. Your best experiences rarely happen in your routine life. Your most valuable experiences of life come from unusual and unexpected changes or moves.

If you close your eyes and try to remember when did you feel great in your life, it would remind you about some place where you visited, which was very different from the place where you mostly live. You can remember that you were changed as a person after that travel. Your way of thinking was changed, your way of interacting with others was changed and your confidence was at a very different level. If you can observe closely, you would find that after every travel your personality gets changed. 

Psychological connection between travel and your intellect:

In the evolutionary past, humans have been moving around for food and to safeguard themselves from being a prey of other wild animals. It was not fun but it was needed for survival. Inability to move in a large area was equivalent to death. This situation continued until humans learned agriculture. It took several thousand years when humans could become capable of inhabiting in one fixed place for most of their lifetime. Before humans could start living in one secure place, their habit of moving around or travelling was already hard wired into their brains. They were used to travel for miles for food every day. They had to run for miles to protect themselves. They had to move in the changing climates for better places in terms of natural resources like water. Every day was challenging and was a question of life and death.

Every animal in the jungle has a periphery where it moves on a daily basis for its food. For instance a monkey moves by far in a radius of more than 5 miles from its base location in the jungle everyday. Humans used to move for more than this. Human brain developed for the requirement of complex movements, the more you move the more brain functions are required.

Routine life of modern humans:

Modern man is confined in a very small place, they work in small cubical, live in small apartments, travel by vehicle where they sit in a small place for hours. This is causing a madness. Just imagine, the brain which took several thousand years to develop for continuous movements of body in a range of more than 25 square miles is now confined into 25 square feet. This shrinkage of movement can only cause sickness of mind.

Your routine life is killing lot of possibilities that could have brought creative changes in your personality.

There is a famous saying in India:

“Ramta jogi (yogi), behta pani”

Yogi is one who has found the ultimate freedom and joy. And this saying means: “A yogi flows like a river and never stays at one place for long”.

Continuous flow is required for the freshness and vitality. 

Once prophet Mohammed has said:

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much have you travelled”.

All great personalities have been travelling their entire lives.

Intellectual growth and travelling:

Travelling to different places enables you to see things from others’ perspective. It opens up new dimensions of your thinking. When you travel to a new place which has a different geography, different culture, different language and different social etiquettes, you realize the broadness of existence around you. This awareness makes you humble.

Your intellect is proportional to your awareness, the more you are aware the more intelligent you become.

Don’t misunderstand that your routine business travel is similar to the ‘travel-of-joy’. Anything which  becomes a routine, looses it’s life and vitality.

Travel is nothing but change of mind-set. All mind-sets are by-products of some sort of routine.

Travel will add value only when its towards a different destination or through a different path every time.

You remember the places you frequently travel. It becomes your second home. It doesn’t give you that excitement and that wave of thrill anymore. Remember, travel is to break the monotony, not to create another one.

Four major benefits of travel for your intellect: 

1. Opens up new dimensions for your creativity.

2. Empowers you to think differently. 

3. Helps you to understand different people and their different perspectives.

4. Helps you overcome your bad memories.

Keep travelling and you will experience the world in its real form. Nothing can make your experiences richer than travel. Your intellect is highly dependent upon richness of your real life experience. 

If you don’t travel, you won’t be able to see the beauty of nature and people. Don’t waste your life to maintain your status of a workaholic or self-contained. Plan a travel today, and go for a new and unseen place, it will enrich your intellect for sure.

Wish you all the best..!!

Grow higher stay rooted..

Akhil Mantra

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  • Superb..!
    The line I liked the most in this blog is,
    “Travel is nothing but change of mind-set.” which indeed is so true.
    But I think most of people today travel for fun but not for a experience.

  • Abhishek khare says:

    Its a wonderful and a must read article for every one and i wud like to add few points.
    There are 3 kind of travel for me
    1. Official travel you have to do it but u dont like it
    2. Personal travel and you like travelling and exploring the new places, geography, culture and like to meet different people of world.
    3. Official travel; your job demand and you also like it and exploring the business opportunity, establishing the cultural diversification, you learn new geography language to deal with your internal.and externa.clients.
    In todays business scenario yu need to travel and develop harmonious relation within the organisation and also establish and create employer branding.
    To deal with new gen and new geography its a new assignment and its a challange. If you deal and win you will create new dimensions..

  • Pooja nayar says:

    Very well articulated! I completely agree to your thoughts here and like to plan a little holiday every 6 months. I agree that it really helps in rewinding yourself and boosting up for next 6 months!!

  • Great thought! I strongly believe in travelling to widen ones perspective. My system is to always have a trip planned so that you never stop traveling

  • Jyoti Goyal says:

    Can’t agree more . Travelling is always fun ….though I never realized that business travel can be called your second home when u do the same thing again n again .. this is indeed a well acceppted point .
    Loved the topic first of all … i knew that Travelling gives us joy , makes us feel refreshed and takes us away from our routine stress … But travelling can do such amazing things like making us more creative , confident , a different person , is something that I never thought : But after reading this article , I definitely realize and relate ….

    It’s definitely a must read for people who are not passionate about traveling or make an excuse that “home is the best place ” God has made this world so beautiful and heart throbbing that exploring it must be on everyone’s bucket list

    Thank u Akhilmantra for this rejuvenating thought

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