Have you ever realized what gives you happiness? Do you remember last time when did you feel extremely happy, and how long did that happiness last. Do you feel that you are in search for something but don’t know what it is?

There are millions of people on this planet who believe that success is required for happiness and happiness is not possible without success.

People have a delusion that only success causes happiness. Before understanding success you have to know what happiness is and how it should be seen precisely.

What is Happiness:

This is a normal experience that with every success or achievement whether it is material or immaterial, tangible or intangible you feel happy. Even having a sense of possession of something gives you happiness. If something happens that you were expecting for long time you become happy. Sometimes even some unexpected things give you happiness for example if you win a lottery.

Now the obvious questions should be: If an achievement of a material thing gives you happiness then –

1. How long that happiness will sustain with time?

2. What will happen when you lose those material things, will that happiness still remain?

Do you remember when you purchased your new car or you got your first job or when you cleared an examination, how great you felt and how happy you were. But when you look back, does that achievement give you the same happiness today? Something you achieved ten years ago, does not give you the same happiness today that you felt at the time of that achievement. Happiness caused by any material success is very temporary and it is always lost with time.

The ultimate goal of human life is only ‘Happiness’. if you don’t feel happy no success will matter.

Let me take you to a closer look of success and happiness:

Do you think achieving your favorable or desirable results or things will give you a long lasting happiness? If that is true then there would be no happiness possible without achievements.

If you have observed infants, you must have noticed that they are almost always happy for no reasons. Sometime they get agitated if they are hungry, thirsty or sick, otherwise their normal state of mind is ‘Happiness’, just let them be free with themselves and they will be playing. This is effortless happiness without any achievement, isn’t it?

With the growing age children start associating happiness with material things and their happiness starts becoming more and more conditional.

You must have felt happiness in very small things like when you left for home from your office hours in the evening. And if you remember, how you felt in your childhood everyday after school hours leaving for home.

Same kind of feeling comes in when you go for or even plan for a vacation.

You would agree that all these moments made you happy for no tangible success achieved or no efforts put in.

Now if you can see, all these happy moments have one thing in common and that is feeling of “Freedom”.

If you feel happy while leaving for the day from your office or school or while going on vacation (which most of the normal people do feel), then it shows that somewhere subconsciously you were waiting for these moments or in other words you were waiting for or expecting ‘Freedom’.

In fact the truth is that “You are always in search of Freedom“. Nothing can give you more happiness than freedom.

This is human nature, you need freedom and you are incomplete without it. Hence the struggle goes on your entire life. Your need of freedom is so deep and profound  that you are ready to pay anything for it. You actually keep paying for these ‘little moments of freedom’ which give you happiness.

Now the question is: if you love freedom so much then why do you keep doing things which you don’t love. For example most of the people keep doing a job for more than half of their life, which they don’t love.

A research published in Inc by J. T. O’Donnell “Why People Hate Their Jobs” shows that “More than 70% of workers say they don’t feel satisfied”.

if you love freedom then why do you keep doing lot of things that you don’t want to, for example following many rituals which you actually don’t believe in. Or why do you stay in a relationship that you don’t like anymore.

If you look deeper you will find that this is only to safeguard yourself from insecurities. Your job just gives you financial security and a status in the society which ensures that you get all your basic needs fulfilled.

By following many rituals you are trying to protect yourself from your fear of God.

By staying in a relationship you are safeguarding yourself from insecurity of being alone.

Psychologically all these patterns are just an effort to protect your freedom. Human mind has evolved over a period of more than hundred-thousand years, and this evolution has made us very subtle, so subtle that mind starts devising its own ways to protect itself from all its possible fears, but consciously you never know the reason because it keeps happening in the subconscious mind. This has such a profound effect that all your responses become almost mechanical and you still remain unaware.

Superficially you keep rationalizing your responses which are actually irrational. This rationalization is actually an effort to show that all your responses are consciously thought by you and are in your total control. This is how you keep fooling yourself.

Now your mind knows that leaving these activities like your job or daily rituals or breaking up a relationship will create greater insecurity for you that you will even loose those ‘little moments of freedom’, so you sacrifice the thought of “Ultimate Freedom” and settle down with these ‘little moments of freedom‘.

This is the reason why most of the people mechanically keep doing things which they don’t love, for their entire life without knowing or giving a second thought.

Happiness & freedom:

Happiness lies in freedom, if you don’t have freedom, you will be starving for it and it will eventually cause you stress. You need to explore your real freedom, look deeper and you will find all your slaveries which are obstructing your freedom.

Freedom of choice, freedom of decision, freedom to live.  Don’t run behind materialistic happiness, explore your true potential and find out your passion for life and you will get the ultimate ‘Freedom’ that gives you happiness and that is real success.

Live for freedom and freedom will let you live.

Wish you all the best.. !!

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  • Raghu r s says:

    Perhaps difficult but if one decides can move from relative happiness to absolute happiness

  • Manjit Shah says:

    I loved ur article, specially below points –
    By following many rituals you are trying to protect yourself from your fear of God.

    By staying in a relationship you are safeguarding yourself from insecurity of being alone.

    Keep writing and enlighten life theories.

  • Diana jose says:

    Wow that was a really nice article

  • Jyoti Goyal says:

    What an understanding of true happiness …. Never thought that way … U have related all 3 imperative things – Happiness , Success and Freedom beautifully and defined it more logically . Simple theory and words yet a greater impact . Keep Writing Man …. U really have that X-factor …

    Kudos and waiting for more n more things to come …

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