How success is related to positivity and practicality?

Success and positivity have a strong correlation. Success requires continuous efforts in one direction with laser sharp focus and these continuous efforts essentially need a constant supply of energy.

Positivity in your thoughts works like a pipeline for that energy to flow and keep your efforts alive. As the saying goes “If you are defeated mentally, you are defeated completely”.

In the quest for success you are bound to see many ups and downs, only positive approach will keep you going.

What is Positivity 

Few people are god gifted with positive attitude, however a positive attitude can be cultivated also with right training.

Let me tell you an anecdote that clearly shows what is positivity –

Many years ago two salesmen were sent by a British shoe manufacturer to Africa to investigate and report back on market potential.

The first salesman reported back, “There is no potential here as nobody wears shoes.”

The second salesman reported back, “There is massive potential here as nobody wears shoes.”

Positivity is looking at the opportunities, possibilities and solutions all the times whether it is your good time or bad time.

If it has become your basic nature to be positive even in worst situations of life then you have set the baseline for your growth and success.

Most of the people have an assumption that positivity is ‘HOPE’, but reality is different. Hope is passive in nature where you don’t put any efforts and just keep waiting for your favourable events to happen and your desires to be fulfilled by some supernatural power. This is certainly not ‘positivity’.

This wrong assumption of positivity has led to many misconceptions and most of the people have mixed up positivity and hope.

Positivity is dynamic which is always proactive in nature. Positive people are practical and they do not wait and watch for situations to become favorable for them, they immediately get involved in devising new and innovative solutions for the problems as and when they face them.

positivity is practicalitY

These days everybody is talking about positivity on the internet, posting videos on Youtube and various writers are continuously writing about it and it seems everyone is singing one song, “positivity”.

But in the background they are actually referring to ‘hope‘.

In my view ‘Hope’ is nothing but “Inactive-Positivity”.

The obvious question is: up to what extent one should remain hopeful  (so called positive) and would only such ‘inactive-positivity’ be sufficient to take you to success? Always trying to remain hopeful is like closing your eyes towards the reality.

Reality is always whole and it contains every aspect of existence – good and bad, day and night, success and failure, possible and impossible. Of course everything is not possible for everyone and similarly everything is not impossible too for everyone.

Realization of your area of interest and passion is very important and once you become practical, you start looking at the ground reality.

Statements like “Everything is possible” do not make sense.

Practically it has to be this –

“Everything is possible, but not for everyone”.  

For instance if you have an interest in dancing and you love it but for some reasons you have set a goal to become a footballer or a baseball player, then no matter how hopeful you are about becoming a star player, you won’t be able become one. And even if you become a player you won’t be able to sustain it for long as your love and passion is dancing. Whenever you would see a dancer performing, you would only regret for not following your passion.

How to be Practical & positive

You need to follow few daily activities to be practically positive –

  1. Start Meditation (Dhyan) on regular basis                                             Nothing can bring you closer to reality than meditation.
  2. Start reading e-books or blogs on various subjects regularly –Reading conventional paper books has become difficult these days as you have to carry them and you can’t read them in places where sufficient light is not available. Reading e-books and blogs is convenient and moreover you are always close to these smart devices.
  3. Connect and communicate regularly with people who are passionate about their work –                                                                            This will induce new ideas and you will be motivated immensely.

In nutshell, before being hopeful for any randomly chosen goal you have to find your true passion for which you will be ready to do anything and everything. Something that does not make you tired no matter how long you work for it. Something that keeps you always active and enthusiastic. Something that keeps you driving from within and you don’t need any external motivation for that. When you work for your passion, it becomes a play and you enjoy it the most and you see your life has become really meaningful for the first time.

To be successful you have to be practical and positive not just hopeful. Be focused on reality, you should be research-oriented and open to change according to the need of the time and situation or else your efforts would not lead to any success.

And don’t think that you don’t have any passion, everybody is born with some sort of interest and that interest eventually shapes into a passion and that’s the reality. Live for this reality and positivity will come into the picture automatically.

So first thing first – Most important aspect is to find out your real passion for life. Take time, research more, look at yourself, look deeper and one day you will definitely find it.

Find your passion and remain passionate about it and success will follow you.

Wish you all the best …

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Grow higher stay rooted ..

Akhil Mantra

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  • Mukta Purohit says:

    Superb awesome.
    This article gives me clear picture of positives and practicality.
    Well written.
    Big fan of you

  • Jyoti Goyal says:

    Wow… Never understood “Positivity” in this manner … A very deep insight indeed … With every article of yours , my respect for u increases and has made me your fan … this blog made my morning positive and my day active…. A heartfelt thanks …

  • Vikas Kumar says:

    Indeed awesome..!

  • Vikas Garg says:

    Indeed awesome..!

  • Manjit Shah says:

    Awesome , this article is an eye-opener for those who are just hopeful and not practical and positive.
    Also, please write how to identify the passion for life. There are many in this world who do not find their passion and live life monotonous. You will agree that the world is full of average people absent passion.

  • Excellent… great insight

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