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What is entrepreneurship : 6 step process

What is entrepreneurship : 6 Step Process

What is entrepreneurship : 6 Step Process

What is entrepreneurship ?

What is entrepreneurship ? Entrepreneurship is a quality of observing the opportunities, planning and devising innovative solutions and implementing them by continuous action with a courage of taking highest risks. 

Can you become an entrepreneur ? The answer is: Yes, you can, in fact you are an entrepreneur by birth. Do you remember your childhood, when you always wanted to do things on your own. When your parents or elders insisted you to do something their way, and you resisted and sometimes even cried to convince everyone and carried on with ‘your way’ only. It’s not just you who was like this, in fact every child is born with this attitude because it’s the fundamental requirement of learning and growth.

If you have closely observed any child, you would agree that every child has an inner drive of experimenting and learning by his own action. Success and failure are just two outcomes of an experiment for a child’s mind but its not the same for an adult mind. An adult mind takes success and failure in two very different ways. Failure normally does not motivate or inspire an average adult mind to explore more and to put in more efforts.

Entrepreneurial skills

Entrepreneurship is all about doing things on your own that includes handling all the risks in order to achieve a purpose that you love the most.

You believe it or not, every child is a born entrepreneur, he never stops trying something new, until people start scaring him with their continuous instructions and by sharing experiences of their own failures and weaknesses. Everything is possible for a child in his mind. He stays in his own imaginary world, creating stories out of nowhere. A child does not have the fear of failure or anxiety of what people would think about him. All fears start clouding his mind at a later stage.

With the growing age, all the possibilities start reducing and difficulties start increasing in your mind. You start believing in what people have suggested you over a period of time. Your innate entrepreneurship starts diminishing by and by. Only those who could keep their experimental nature alive and remain unaffected from negative feedback and who keep trying new possibilities blatantly, eventually grow as entrepreneurs.


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Human evolution and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is not just about doing business to make money rather it’s a way of life, where in you have a total control on what you want to do despite the risks involved in that venture.

In the ancient times nearly around the stone age, all humans were basically entrepreneurs for their entire lives. They had to take decisions on their own for their survival. It was imperative to select between killing an animal to protect themselves from starving or to be killed by them.

They migrated from one place to another to find out better possibilities of life. In every season they had to migrate due to unavoidable natural changes happening around them. This situation went on for thousands of years until they invented fire, learnt agriculture and farming.

During this long period, humans became hard wired to take risks and to find out newer avenues with favorable conditions. Now it’s into our genes to try something new, something more exciting and more rewarding.

Entrepreneur Examples

Worlds most successful entrepreneurs were not formally trained or educated specifically to become entrepreneur. Most of them not even completed their graduation. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerburg, Elon Musk, Jack Maa or Dhirubhai Ambani are known to be the most successful entrepreneurs. They acquired their current status by their own efforts. On the other side there are thousands of students who get a formal education and degree in business every year, but rarely anyone out of them could get such grand success. It shows that entrepreneurship comes from within and no formal education so far could help people to become great entrepreneurs. 

Young Entrepreneurs 

Now the questions is: If it’s hard wired into our genes then why most people are not entrepreneurs?

Answer is: Conditioning of the human mind. It is so powerful that it can radically deviate your actions from your natural way of response. Your subconscious mind is filled with all such suggestions, feedback and threats that obstruct your natural behavior and expressions. Many people tend to say that they are unaffected by what people say about them but the reality is quite different.

Nobody is immune from all such inputs, which come from others and it’s always being recorded by the subconscious mind. All such thoughts only surface during your sleep, however they keep affecting your every decision in the day time as well. Mostly people don’t know the root cause of a decision made by them and they tend to rationalize their every decision to prove their total control over every thought.

Unfortunately most of the decisions are caused by something which is already existing in your subconscious mind. For example the mood swings of a person are triggered by old experiences or thoughts which are deep rooted into the subconscious mind. Modern psychologists believe that majority of so called rational decision making is caused by many irrational subconscious elements.

How to become an Entrepreneur : Qualities of an Entrepreneur 

Are entrepreneurs free from mood swings or irrational subconscious triggers? No..!! Actually becoming a successful entrepreneur is a long term process. People who succeed in safeguarding their subconscious mind by getting influenced with all such negative feedback, tend to be more decisive in nature.

Entrepreneurs have a strong self-suggestion habit, they stay motivated by their continuous action. It’s very difficult to demotivate someone who enjoys his work, because their work keeps them occupied.


There are six fundamental essential qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Believe in yourself

What others say about you is trivial, what you believe is your reality. No entrepreneur can succeed with self-doubt, because self-doubt does not allow you to take decision.

  1. Stay energetic and action oriented

You have to be always in action mode, people who only keep dreaming, can’t make it a reality until they take action. People who hesitate while taking action will do it half-heartedly and will be losing on opportunities.

  1. Innovative 

Thinking out of the box is a dire necessity to become a successful entrepreneur. A true entrepreneur can think what majority of people can’t even imagine. 

     4. Stay Focused

Focus on the action plan is equally vital to the success. Always have a robust action plan. Entrepreneurs have to deal with hundreds of different situations which can deviate them from their main area of concern.  Practice Meditation regularly to stay focused. 

     5. Capacity to Handle Failure

An average person breaks down with few failures. Failures are nothing but evidences of your efforts, with every failure you come closer to success. Failures are filters to keep the average people out from the chunk of entrepreneurs. Remember: a true entrepreneur never gives up. 

      6. Risk Taker

All the above qualities can be found in a good employee or great personalities but they are insufficient to make you an entrepreneur. Only your risk taking appetite can turn you into an entrepreneur. Its evident in human history that no entrepreneur succeeded without taking huge risks in their lives. 

What is Entrepreneurship, it’s our nature and ingrained in our genes. Be confident and check the six fundamental qualities in yourself and let them flourish. Remember, you are a born entrepreneur. You just need to remove those mental hurdles which people and society give you.

If you have an innovative idea that can serve people or which can solve problems of human life then you must take risk, make a thorough plan, arrange funds and go ahead. One day you will emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

Wish you all the best..!!

Akhil Mantra

Grow higher stay rooted..

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  • Mukta Purohit says:

    Very nice and inspiring article. From this article I get confidence to do things my own way without fear and I feel like I can fullfil my dreams
    Thank you so much
    Best wishes
    Keep writing and keep motivating us.

  • Very good encouraging blog.

  • Anay Verma says:

    Lucidly explained the inner drive and growth of mind that an individual develops as he walks the path of life. It either promotes or demotes the thought of living differently. One aspect that you could touch upon is that not all entrepreneurs reach pinnacle of success but majority of business people continue to be entrepreneurs. Any body who is not ’employed” is an entrepreneur if he is adding to gdp. So when one says think out of the box in this context, it primarily challenges your IQ, indicating that the brightest minds only qualify here.

    2nd thing I liked very much is that yes, entrepreneurs are not born in universities. May be they learn the ways to sustsin it but seed is sown much before you enter those gates.

  • deepak sharma says:

    Commendable…Akhil…I know you since long time….you are very dedicated.. focused…You clearly know what you are doing..and I can see, you have a long term plan.

    I wish you all the best!!!

  • Yashpal joshi says:

    Thank you very much.

  • Kumar Basarkod says:

    Good article with simple and good examples

  • Prakriti Upadhyay says:

    “very difficult to demotivate someone who enjoys his work, because their work keeps them occupied” That is so true.. People can only demotivate us, when we don’t believe in ourself. Very good article, definitely gonna help people. Keep writing keep motivating.

  • Jyoti Goyal says:

    Another jordaar article and well written and placed after your last article on Risk taking . This acts as a perfect successful example for people who are risk takers . The way the concept has been explained through a child psychology and human evolution is terrific
    It’s amazing that with every article of yours , the self esteem of an individual is raised. As a matter of fact , your Articles are helping people to evolve and understand their inner self . It’s a brilliant platform for People to quench their thirst of knowledge specially because the articles are so enriching in content and easy to understand and digest .

    Keep it up Akhil … Good work …Keep writing …

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