7 Reasons: Why should you do business
Why should you do business

7 Reasons: Why should you do business

7 Reasons: Why should you do business

Why should you do business or why should you become an entrepreneur is a question that every individual should ask himself repeatedly. Everyone who is currently doing a business or those who want to start it in future have their own “why”. Your success in business depends upon the strength of your “why”. Your “why” has to be stronger than any possible excuses of not doing it. This question pumps the required energy that can jump start you and can keep you going. It sets the ground for all your efforts. People who have been doing their business for many years, sometimes loose their “why” and it becomes difficult for them to stay motivated.

Human mind is developed in such a way that it does not like to do things which don’t have a powerful reason or motive behind. Everyone has a hidden dream of becoming an entrepreneur or to start his own thing, no matter what he is doing currently. In fact humans are hard wired to be entrepreneurs. During your evolutionary past you all were risk takers. Every day you had to take risks to get food and to survive. Your “why” was absolutely clear in those times, as it was a question of survival. It was do or die situation, they had to take risk to survive or they starved till death.

I give you the most powerful 7 reasons: “why you should do business”, which are deep rooted into your minds and that will help you to see things crystal clear.

1. Freedom:

The first and foremost reason of why you should do business is freedom. If you observe closely, one thing that gives you immense happiness and sense of being alive is freedom. Your business gives you ample freedom of all sorts. People who are into a job within a corporation can’t even imagine that kind of freedom. Imagine if your freedom is taken away totally, would you be able to survive? The fact is that your creativity is proportional to your degree of freedom to think and apply it practically.

Your business offers you freedom of choice, freedom of decision making and freedom of being creative. Your freedom to try different things and learn from real-life mistakes takes you to the excellence. Only your own business allows you to try different ways. No corporation can ever give you freedom of trial and error.

2. Security:

You business gives you more security than any job in the world. Your need of security is the prime reason that keeps you moving. But most of the people find that security in a job because of their shortsightedness.

Again because humans are developed for finding a quick solution for rescue and security. If anything posed a threat for your survival during your evolution you tried a quick remedy rather than dying. A delay in finding solution for self defense caused death, hence you are wired to find quick remedies.

Business is not a quick solution, it requires long term planning and a lot of patience. Hence people feel more secure in a job, but the fact is that a job is the most insecure place, even if it’s not lost or you are not laid off. Your job anyways takes away all your potential to become an entrepreneur and building a business empire. It takes away all your chances of becoming rich. What can be more loss making than this? Only your business can give you long term security that will not end with your life but even it will go to your next generations.

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3. Sense of fulfillment: 

Did you ever realize why you are not satisfied with your job? What is missing in it? There is a great difference between working for others and working for yourself. Sense of fulfillment comes only when you work for yourself not for others. When you own something and put all your hard-work to improve it and develop it, you feel immensely satisfied. Every accomplishment brings a sense of fulfillment, its like nurturing your own child. It gives you happiness and satisfaction.

For the first time you will come to know what it is, to give your 100% and what honesty for workis. Unlike a job, the more you work hard in your business the  more you feel satisfied, content and fulfilled. In a job whenever an employees works hard he anticipates an appreciation for it. If appreciation is not achieved, he gets frustrated and demotivated. In your business you don’t expect appreciation, your hard-work itself becomes the reward and keeps you motivated.

All external motivational drivers are bound to fade and vanish, only your inner inspiration will keep you moving. 

Your business gives you a chance to realize your inner element of supremacy and excellence. No job can ever give you this.

4. Learning and Knowledge:

All humans have a deep desire to learn new things and to have more knowledge. Its deep rooted into your psyche. You can’t sit without doing anything and totally disconnected from the world. You constantly want to know more, it satisfies your hunger for knowledge.

Why should yo do business because once you are into your business, you seriously learn things because no superficial knowledge works in business. You have to know everything on your own and for the first time you would be really interested to know the minutest details of any information coming your way. On the other side, jobs within a company can be managed even with shallow knowledge.

You will be surprised to see that so called experienced and knowledgeable employees even in leadership roles who have spent their entire lives in various companies have a very cosmetic knowledge of their own fields. They are good at acting and managing things through others.

Business gives you the right attitude of learning and makes you more and more sincere. Business makes you a real time expert and very practical. You become an honest learner which brings concrete knowledge for you.

5. Challenge: 

A life without challenge is lifeless. You are already dead, if your life is monotonous. Monotony in life does not give you any challenge. Challenges are required for your growth. If there is no challenge, you would fall into a comfort zone and that’s where your growth stops.

Most of the people doing jobs, keep saying that their job is challenging. For them challenges are – facing a tough boss, everyday travel for the job, handling regular queries of the customers or colleagues, generating various scheduled reports, meetings with similar clients etc. In short, they consider the monotonous struggle of their job as great challengeof life. Its like a frog, who always lived in a well does not know anything about the ocean.

On the the other side your business poses real life challenges and breaks the monotony of life. These challenges are new and different every time. Every challenge will give you a new learning and opportunity to deal with different mindsets. Unlike a job where people are concerned about their own departments, in business, you have to look end to end, as your every decision eventually affects you entire business.

6. Pride of being a donor:

Sense of pride is a deep rooted emotional need of all humans, you want to be proud of what you do. In most of the job situations this element of proud is taken away from you by cunning people around you. People don’t like you to be proud of anything as it hurts their egos. You have to go though lot of insults and humiliations even after your hard-work and dedication towards your work.

Why should you do business, because only your business is capable of giving you that dignity and pride you deserve. No matter how small business you run, you would be always proud of being a contributor to the society. An entrepreneur creates jobs. When you take risk of starting a business you shift from receiver’s end to the donor’s end. Even the smallest business in the world has the capacity to create jobs for others.

As a businessman you always remain proud of your creation and contribution to the society by creating something that is needed by people. Business generates revenue and thereby pays salaries to the employees which helps them make their living.


Everybody wants to be wealthy and rich. Did you ever realize why being wealthy and rich is a dream of millions of people. There is a deep desire for power in humans. Supremacy gives you protection and confidence. During the evolution period every unknown thing was a threat, only your power to fight’ was the protection. So accumulation of power became the prime goal of humans. Anything that translates into power, became its substitute. Wealth is the greatest substitute of power as wealth gives you access to everything that creates power, hence there is a deep desire for wealth.

Why should you do business – because only businesses creates wealth. Your business is an asset that generates money even when you are not at work. Unlike a job, your business will keep paying you in your old age when you would no longer be able to work and this would be much higher than any social security benefits or pension. Your business can be transferred to your next generations and will keep them wealthy as well.

No job can give you the ultimate freedom, sense of fulfillment, long term security, hard core learning, profound knowledge, opportunities to face real life challenges, sense of pride, wealth and power. Only your business can make you rich in real terms by giving you access to all these wonderful facets of life. So if you have a dream, then don’t keep postponing it in future. Make a concrete plan, keep learning and start your business to become rich.

Wish you all the best .. !!

Akhil Mantra

Grow higher stay rooted..

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